What People are saying about the One Eyed Parrot Dance Club



 Chicopee AMVETS builds community (Excerpt)

  By Lori O'Brien, Correspondent



……."The camaraderie is overwhelming," said city resident Dick King, a former post commander who now serves as entertainment chair with assistance from his wife Paula. The couple, along with Friday night dance instructors Randy Pelletier and fiancée Doreen Ollari, both of Springfield, spoke to Reminder Publications on a recent Wednesday evening at the post headquarters at 754 Montgomery St.


…..The post raises funds through a variety of venues, including cover charges that go toward to the Holyoke Soldiers' Home Fund, and from line dancing lessons on Friday nights from 6:30 to 8. Pelletier and Ollari charge $2 for the lesson. In addition, the post started offering country music on Friday nights that follows the dance lessons.


…."The charge for the lesson is $2, half of which goes toward the cost of providing the lessons (buying music, equipment), and the other half we contribute through the AMVETS to the Soldiers' Home," said Pelletier.


Pelletier and Ollari both agreed that while it's a thrill to see someone dance who never danced before, in reality what they enjoy most is the many friends they have made over the past two years doing what they love, as well as knowing their efforts are contributing to a worthwhile cause.


"Randy and Doreen have done a tremendous job for us," said King, adding, "the club is a nice place to come to on a Friday night."


 JP Ellery       

May 2008 – “…I don’t think that the One Eyed Parrot dance club knows how good it is. These Gals and Guys can line dance like I’ve never seen before. Their synchronization is absolutely something to see. So if for no other reason, stop by at the AMVETS in Chicopee just to see the One Eyed Parrot Dance Club. They are simply phenomenal.”



Rob Gale

Gale County Band                  


October 2008 – Another new venue for us is the Chicopee AMVETS this venue is sponsored by the "One Eyed Parrots" dance club and they are a really great group of line dancers…..so if you can make it come on out and give the band as well as the clubs your support and let's keep country kickin'!!!!



John Kelly

True West Band     


2008 Band of the Year

New England Country

Music Association

May 2008 - “the most dance-crazed bunch I've seen recently...and that's a high compliment”


October 2008 –Once again we're motoring out to Chicopee for an engagement at one of our favorite spots: the Chicopee AMVETS. We always have a terrific time playing for these folks; they are the best and most dedicated dancing crew in the Pioneer Valley. We're referring, of course, to the One Eyed Parrots! …. this crew has a dance lesson just before we start and then we try to play songs that let the crowd practice the new dance steps, so we always try to have some fresh material to take out for test drive.”


December 2008 - “We've got a couple a’ new songs to spring on those boys and girls and we love to play here, so it should be a great night. Please join us if you can. This is the country line dancing spot for the entire Pioneer Valley.”